Hani Abu Daqqa, 30 years

Hani Abu Daqqa, 30 years, lives in the east of Khan Younis and is a father of four children. Hani’s family is one of the many families who lost their homes in the last (2014) aggression on the Gaza Strip.  Presently Hani and his family are renting an apartment and are dependent on his relatives and friends for support, while hoping for a fresh start in life with a new home for himself and his family. Below is an interview with his wife:

“My family and I were living together in love and peace. We enjoyed our small garden, drinking coffee and watching our kids whilst they played happily in the garden.  My home was very close to my relatives’ homes.  I felt that we were one family, sharing our beautiful moments together.  Suddenly everything changed. In the blink of an eye, I lost my home, my independence, and my happiness. The Israeli forces destroyed my beautiful home, my small garden and my dreams. I am now totally depressed, nothing can compensate me. I need to be in my home again.  We have received blankets and a heater from CFTA.  We are grateful to them for remembering and supporting us during this very difficult time. It is very good to find someone who helps you put yourself together and provides you with your basic needs. But our needs change from time to time, in winter the blankets were useful, but not anymore. The heater is useful as well, but most of the time we have no electricity. As a homeless family, we need to be supported with furniture and food Items.”