The Arab NW for NGOs

CFTA is a member in The Arab Network for NGOs

The Arab Network for NGOs is an Arab regional developmental non-profit organization, that has been launched in 1997 during the First Arab Conference of NGOs held in Cairo, with the participation of more than 1000 representatives of Arab NGOs, Arab major funding organizations such as Arab Fund Program for Development (AGFUND), as well as Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development, and United Nations organization.

The official Announcement of Arab Network has been made during the First General Conference of Arab Network (Lebanon – 2002), after adopting a stature and opening membership for all the non-governmental developmental organizations. 
The headquarters of the Arab Network is located in Cairo; its activities extend to 19 Arab countries, through its elected Board of Trustees and other organizations that works as focal points.

Membership in the Arab Network for NGOs is opened for Arab NGOs, Arab experts and individuals concerned with the development of the NGO sector. In the beginning of 2010, Total number of registered members that have been accepted by the Board of Trustees reached 1400 Arab organizations and experts from 19 Arab countries.

 Their Vision:

Contributing in strengthening the human and institutional resources of Arab NGOs in order to enable them playing a major role in the process of sustainable development. This mandate will be implemented according to scientific guide lines allowing to develop further plans of action designed to meet the societal needs with a wide popular participation and according to an ethical code of transparency and accountability".

Their Objectives:

According to the stature of Arab Network, its main objectives and missions are summarized in the following:

·         Contribute in reinforcing cooperation, networking, & interaction among federations, unions, & organizations working in the field of human sustainable development including Arab, regional, international, & funding institutions concerned with the same issue

·         Contribute in promoting the Arab voluntary work through the adoption of pilot projects and programs by federations and organization active in the domain of human sustainable development.

·         Contribute in enhancing the capacity building of federations, unions, and organizations concerned with the issue of human sustainable development, and raising their efficiency in achieving their goals.

·         Contribute in promoting the capacity of developmental federations and NGOs to raise & mobilize the necessary resources and funds in order to implement their projects & programs addressed to their targeted beneficiaries

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