Through Young Eyes

"Through Young Eyes,” a series of drawings by Palestinian teenagers who lived through last year's Israel-Gaza conflict, is exhibited at London's P21 gallery, from 7-22 August as part of “Gaza on Gaza,” a wider exhibition of work by Palestinian artists.

“Through Young Eyes” was organized by The Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA), an organization which provides therapeutic activities for children and young people. After the ceasefire the teenagers, supervised by CFTA, went out to shelters to meet other children and listen to their stories. These stories and discussions, their own experiences and what they heard on the news and from within their communities, inspired the illustrations on display.

CFTA provides vital support to young people giving them the opportunity to learn, play and grow their talents in as safe a space as can be provided. The organization encourages them to express themselves and fulfill their dreams to become artists, writers, musicians or actors - and to join together and use their skills to ensure that their voices are heard.

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