Health services

CFTA’s health services include an integrated set of services hosted at our Women’s Health Center in Bureij Refugee Camp that include: a women’s health clinic with education, preventative and curative health services for women at all stages in the life cycle and ongoing programs in sports and physiotherapy, psychosocial and legal counseling, and community education. Managed by a dedicated team of professionals trained in the psychological, social, legal, and reproductive health fields, the WHC embraces a holistic approach to women’s health through the provision of a range of high quality integrated  services and programs. These are designed to help build healthy families, physically, psychologically and socially, and healthy communities, in which women play an active and influential role in building a Palestinian society characterized by gender justice, equality and partnership.

The WHC embraces an integrated and holistic approach to women’s health involving both preventative and curative healthcare services along with health education. The basic assumption underlying our approach is that health comes from the harmony of physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Woman’s health and well-being are not limited to her "reproductive" role as a wife and a mother; rather, WHC engages in the promotion of women’s health throughout the life cycle from childhood through adolescence to menopause and beyond. All WHC activities involve a combination of individual and group consultation, community-based workshops, home-visits and formal training courses.

Because of the protracted crisis conditions in the Gaza Strip and its multi-faceted effects on the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities, CFTA also works extensively to address the psychosocial health of children and youth across its programs.

Because we use an integrated approach, our psychosocial services are embedded in all of our work. For more details, please see background and activities for each of our five centers as well as emergency interventions.

For more details on our women’s health services, please see Women’s Health Center.