Strategic plan

The following strategic objectives orient all CFTA activities:

1.     Improve the quality of services provided by CFTA.

2.   Develop and strengthen abilities and talents of disadvantaged children, adolescents, women, youth and other groups.

3.     Empower women as self-advocates for their rights on issues of gender equality.

4.     Empower and engage youth to actively participate in their communities.

5.  Promote community awareness and sensitivity with regards to issues, needs and rights of children, adolescents, youth, women and other groups.


What we do - Our key areas of work

CFTA currently focuses its work on six thematic areas. These areas of focus have emerged in response to the needs and aspirations of the communities with which we work.  As such, they evolve over time in response to the changing and often volatile contexts within which we work; the Association is committed to innovation, it develops new approaches and ways of working– both based on its own experiences and contexts and on international standards.


·    CFTA’s education and pedagogical services include a diversity of active, hands-on, child-centered learning activities for schoolchildren ranging from science and technology to reading, writing and multimedia production to life skills development through games and sport to learning through fine arts, folk art and drama. Our after-school remedial classes and summer camps are among or most popular and successful activities. We also provide teacher and leadership training and develop educational materials. 

·     Our arts and culture activities are designed to encourage creativity, the development of artistic skills, and the exploration of future directions for children and youth with artistic aspirations. Activities include a range of fine arts such as drawing, painting, charcoal, and calligraphy as well as art workshops encouraging the use of materials from the local environment in artistic production. Literary appreciation and creativity is fostered by providing space to read and learn and the provision of creative writing courses. Art exhibitions cultural and heritage festivals are also organized by young artists for their peers and the broader community.

·    Advocacy, awareness raising and community mobilization are fundamental to CFTA’s approach to community development and integrated part of work in all our Centers which was realized through child-led and women-led campaigns that focused on honour killing and freedom of expression. In addition, awareness raising meetings and the use of SMS in certain occasions such as mothers’ and Women’s international day in March