Mr. Shaker Abu Humaid, 52 years

Mr. Shaker Abu Humaid, 52 years, is the head of a family of thirteen members. Unemployed for over 12 years and a resident of Jabalia camp, he was referred to WHCJ a year and a half  ago by a male community leader. The request was for social and psychological assistance  for himself and his adolescent son a and daughter who attempted suicide due to their pressing economic condition. All the family members have received individual and group therapy by the male and female counselors of the Center. The  WHCJ referred him to the MoH mental health facility and since then he has been receiving free medication. He  has also been referred to a social NGO that has given him given  the opportunity to start a small family business (mobile mini-shop in front of his house). The social and psychological assistance received by Shaker was a life changer and savior for himself and his family.