Ms. Khetam Abu Jrai, 40 years

Ms. Khetam Abu Jrai, 40 years, is a resident of the buffer zone in the east of Al Bureij.  Fifteen years ago she attended the WHCB fitness program. Over the years as her social and personal relationships with the staff strengthened  she gradually opened up to them and began to speak about  her social and psychological problems  in  relationship  to her  marriage of 31/2 years. After seeking assistance (awareness workshops, psychodrama and group therapy), Khetam became more assertive to speak of her problems and rights despite  the conservative nature of her bedouin community.

Since getting a divorce, Khetam has become an active member at the Center. She has attended leadership and awareness coursers at the center and other legal intuitions and become an active messenger and agent of change within her community.

Today both Khetam and her father are community leaders and friends of WHCB. Moreover, she is a prominent female mukhtar involved in solving many social and legal GBV related cases alongside with other male mukhtars and community leaders.