Hamam Ayyash, 21years

Hamam Ayyash, 21years, is from Khan Younis. He  was an ambitious young man who  graduated at an early age. He was keen to set out on his career path and develop his personality early in life. After graduating Hamam felt depressed, what with no job and nothing to do except sit at home, visit his best friend and look for  voluntary work opportunities. This made him angry, frustrated and withdrawn, as he felt he was not adding any value to his life,   nor was he able to invest his abilities and realize his aspirations.

Hamam tried to change his routine by browsing through web pages, YouTube and social media.  One day, while he was surfing the web, he came across an advertisement titled “Towards Youth Empowerment”  a project at the Cultural Center of the Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA). The project was  about enhancing youth abilities in using new media tools  to express their issues. “I admired the idea and got excited. I applied for courses in video production, photography, advocacy strategies and radio broadcasting, as I thought it would help improve my abilities and qualifications in the area of media,” said Hamam.

Day by day Hamam's engagement in the project and the Centers activities increased.   He actively participated in debates on community issues organized at the Center. Hamam became more confident, active, positive and full of energy.

 “The participatory work with youth, encouraged me to continue in the activities of the project. I was proud to participate in producing films that reflected youth  ideas and  issues.”

Hamam has become enthusiastic and goal-oriented. His ideas and presentations are distinct which is obvious through his involvement in the projects. Today, Hamam has taken on the role of an initiator at the Cultural Center. He leads the “Dialogue program” which brings together decision makers and youth to dialogue and advocate for youth and community issues.

“ I truly enjoy what Iam doing.  I have changed and am happy with my experience in the project . I will add my experience to my C.V to support me in finding a job in media and advocacy.”