Elham, 24 years old

Elham, 24 years, is a fine arts graduate and very enthusiastic when it comes to art. She joined CFTA's Cultural Center and was interested in art and drawing activities. Her favourite hobby was drawing. She used to draw whenever she had the time.


During the Israeli aggression Elham was shocked by the events and stopped drawing for over three months. At the Cultural Center, Elham was nominated to train other youth in drawing. At first she was reluctant to accept the offer as it was her first time ever to teach drawing to others, but she later agreed.


The training course Elham delivered was very inspiring for the trainees as well as for herself. It helped her return to drawing as a way of expressing feelings. She also started thinking of becoming an art trainer. In addition, two of her drawings, on the subject of combating women rights violations, were selected and exhibited at a gallery.


Elham said: “This training was the best opportunity I have had to challenge myself and explore my abilities and skills.”