Islam, success story

Islam, a  university student  dreamt of becoming a filmmaker. As a young girl living in Gaza, Islam thought of films as a way to reflect her personal experience in a conservative society. The issue of “harassment” was the first idea she wanted to explore and show to her audience.


As part of the film production course conducted at CFTA's Cultural Center, Islam worked with a group of youth and developed her idea which was filmed. The first closed screening of the film initiated a discussion among the viewers, who requested  her to change some of the scenes in the film. This request created a major debate on whether one should hide social problems or should explore them to help stop them. Islam said, “I am so happy that my film made people, especially male youth upset; this confrontation is a reflection of the unwillingness to see the truth. It seems it's the first time for them to see the other side of the story and how ugly harassment is in our society. I am glad I managed to say something on behalf of some of my female colleagues and friends. I am more than happy I succeeded in delivering the message.”