Mohammed Al Faqawi, 26 years old

Mohammed Al Faqawi, 26 years, from Khan Younis, is a university graduate who joined CFTA as an intern. Mohammed is interested in photography and always thought it was not possible in the Gaza Strip to fulfil his dream and become a photographer.  Mohammed tried to immigrate but with no success. “I thought Gaza has no opportunities, I didn’t know then that I am the opportunity and I am the one to make the change.”


Mohammed joined the photography training course at CFTA's Cultural Center and was given a camera for a short period.  “I didn’t know that art could be  a means  for advocacy. Photography is a powerful tool. I am so proud that I managed to get the Mayor and others to come and listen to people who are marginalized. I have so much to do in Gaza especially for my people. It's time for me to be in Gaza and create the change I want, not only for myself but also for my community and people.”