Tahrir, 22 years old

Tahrir,  22 years, studied media and public relations in Gaza. She also participated in a number of trainings in media and radio productions. According to her, the trainings were theoretical and not useful.


Tahrir began participating in the activities of  CFTA's  Cultural Center. It was here that she undertook a practical and theoretical radio production course. She also had the opportunity to prepare and produce a radio program of her own in cooperation with a group of other youth, which was broadcast on Clakit Radio a youth initiative supported by the Cultural Center. 


Tahrir is now active at Clakit Radio, where she has a program broadcasted weekly.


“Before joining CFTA, I was depressed, I was unemployed, with nothing to do and no skills. After joining Clakit Radio, I’m full of energy and willing to work. I even have my own program.”