Giving Hope

Najwa detected a strange mass in her right breast. She recalled that her sister died of breast cancer, so, immediately visited the Women Health Center for an examination. It was confirmed that she was in the early stages of breast cancer.

From day one the WHC supported Najwa through individual counseling sessions and home visits where she received psychosocial support from the psychologist.

At first, Najwa was reluctant and afraid to start chemotherapy, but thanks to the advice of the psychologist, Najwa overcame her fear. Najwa did not feel good about the changes in her body following chemotherapy, especially the change in her appearance after losing her hair. Her family and relatives kept reminding her of this, which made it more difficult for her to accept.

At this difficult time the WHC enrolled Najwa into the peer-to-peer sessions where she met with cancer survivors who shared their experiences. She was advised to eat good healthy food and follow a sports program in order to combat the side effects of chemotherapy.

In due course Najwa was able to cope with her situation. She became more cheerful and was willing to talk about her case to other women, family members and neighbors. She even referred some of them to the WHC for an examination. One of these women was diagnosed with breast cancer. Looking back at her experience with cancer, Najwa who lost hope at some point, is now giving hope to other people through her active participation in the peer-to-peer sessions.