Mabout, 21 year

Mabout, 21 years, lives in Abassan to the East of Khan Younis. Mabout graduated in Media and Public Relations. He was confident that after completing university he would get a job and be independent. During his years at the university he waited impatiently for this day. According to him, what he did not realise was that his graduating would be a source of his problems and his troubles, both by the psychological pressure he put on himself to try and find a job and by the pressure the family put on him. As he could not find a job his days were spent watching TV, surfing the net and hanging out with friends. His family kicked him out of the house as they considered him a loser who did not help out with the family expenses. Mabout was depressed and nearly started using drugs. It was hard for Mabout, who felt he was talented and had good skills, to feel his life was wasted. He felt sorry for himself.


It was at this time that a friend forced him to visit the CFTA Cutural Center and join one of the photography and filming courses. As Mebout says “It was the beginning of a new life. I joined a number of different trainings, received psychosocial support and participated in recreational activities. All this helped me become a new person. I realised how valuable time is, how I can use my skills, be productive and play an active role in the community. Finally, I could prove to my family that I am successful and not a loser. Joining the Cultural Center was life changing, it was a re-entry into life.”