Ali- 9 years old

“All I want is to find a place to play, we are not allowed to play in street, home and school. There is no space in my home, and my school is very crowded. All I do is my homework and fight with my two brothers.”

In June 2014, Ali joined the summer camp at Shuroq Wa Amal Center. The ten days Ali  spent in the summer camp has made a positive change in his character.

According to one of the animators, when Ali first joined he was a trouble maker and   was   violent with his peers. This changed when he was given a leadership role.  He became cooperative, less violent and more creative.

According to his father, Ali isn’t fighting with his brothers anymore.

Ali says: “At  Shuroq Wa Amal, I could finally find a place to play and be friends  with other children.”