CFTA is a founding member and host to the Wissal Network, a Gaza wide coalition of nearly 40 community-based organizations who came together in 2008 to work for a Palestinian society free from violence. The Network seeks to ensure the protection of women and girls within the framework of the United Nations Resolution 1325, to fight violence against women more broadly, and enable women to play an active and influential role in Palestinian society.

Wissal Network activities include legal and psychological counseling services for women, advocacy for female leadership ,education and awareness raising through traditional and social media, festivals and other community outreach activities, training for local organizations in using Resolution 1325 to create a culture of protection; monitoring, collecting and disseminating data on the status of women in the Gaza Strip; and ongoing networking and advocacy with Palestinian organizations and decision makers as well as international partners. The Network is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).


Highlights in 2014

  •  Wissal Network worked with young women to document real-life stories of women subjected to GBV. 13 young  women were trained in field research, documentation and writing and then conducted series of interviews and  meetings with victimized women. A booklet of the stories was published in October 2014.