·     Since its inception, over 150 educational workshops on issues of violence and discrimination against women have engaged more than 6,500 men and women ages between 18-60 across the Gaza Strip.

·    Over 30,000 listeners tuned into 20 radio episodes on women’s issues Addressing violence against women and resolution 1325, such as domestic violence, inheritance, child custody, reproductive health, siege and war and their impact on women and others.

·         30,000 mobile messages advocating for an end to violence against women were sent out to Gaza Strip and West Bank mobile phone users.

·         Two major festivals for women activists and public leaders were organized with more 1,300 women and girls participating.

·         Eight billboards were posted in public areas across the Gaza Strip advocating for an end to violence against women and activating of resolution 1325.

·         Efforts to combat violence against women were successfully highlighted through extensive local media coverage, including features in “Donia Alwatan” and “Maan News.”

·   Expression of appreciation for achievements of the Network by Mr. Robert Serry,  United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, and Mrs. Mary Robinson, UN Commissioner-General for Human Rights. Unfortunately, their intended visit to CFTA and partner organizations in Wesal Network in 2009 to honor the work of the coalition but it didn’t achieve due to the blocked by the Israeli authorities.