Sports activities at the Center build self-confidence and a wide range of life skills - ranging from teamwork to communication to leadership, as well as enhancing physical and mental health. The Center’s sport activities include marathons, training for football, table tennis, volleyball, horse back riding, biking, traditional games, and sports festivals.

Arts and culture activities are designed to encourage teenagers’ creativity, the development of artistic skills, and the exploration of future directions for young people with artistic aspirations. Activities include a range of fine arts such as drawing, painting, charcoal, and calligraphy. Art workshops encouraged the use of materials from the local environment in artistic production. Literary appreciation and creativity is fostered by providing space to read and learn and the provision of creative writing courses. The Center regularly hosts art exhibitions of young artists and hosts cultural and heritage festivals organized by adolescents for their peers and the broader community.

The Center’s Technology and science programs regularly engage 60 adolescent girls and boys in hands-on exploration of science and technology. Adolescents are challenged to observe scientific and technological developments, conduct scientific experiments and develop individual and group projects, while applying new-found knowledge and skills in their everyday life.  Beginning and advanced courses are offered in software applications and web design. The Center also collaborates with local schools on educational initiatives to improve the learning environment for student groups and develop their creative abilities.

Psychosocial support activities are integral to the Center’s commitment to building bridges of trust and communication between boys and girls, promoting a positive atmosphere characterized by cooperation and support amongst adolescents more generally, and strengthening healthy social relations built on understanding and acceptance of the other. These are pursued through open days and recreational activities, discussions, meetings with children and parents, field trips, drawing, and reading.