Within this framework, the Center works to: contribute to finding solutions for educational, recreational and cultural challenges for children, to foster an atmosphere of dialogue amongst children which encourages self-expression and exploration of community issues, to ensure time and space for play, recreation and leisure, and to support the development of children’s talents and skills in their particular areas of interests as well as nurture their leadership qualities.

Fine Art Activities:

This is a small place, but, with great potential in terms of the creativity of its children and their capabilities. Nowwar’s fine arts activities provide the right conditions for small flowers to grow and evolve with their own capabilities and private skills. We imagine, experiment, try, innovate, draw lines and scribbles with their small hands, embodying their ideas and their dreams and crystallizing it in pictures for their own future.

Children make something of the disregarded scraps around them to produce meaningful action in their world and imagination. Memories of our ancestors are present in our minds, our actions and our paintings. Fine arts activities include free drawing, workshops using raw and recycled materials from the immediate environment, sculpture, charcoal drawing, glass painting, cutting and pasting, collages, murals and statues. Our creations are shared with the community in thematic exhibitions.

Cultural Activities:

A diversity of books, stories, journals, newsletters, encyclopedias, narrated tales, audio stories, and visual: stories sail us together in the world of word and sink us in the depths of the lines, to hunt pearls glowing in our minds. In T=this place, we feel we are in a world that holds overcast skies heavy with the clouds and rain of our thoughts; we reflect, think, write, discuss, eagerly compete, negotiate, and wonder what, why, how and when?

Technology Window:

From our small window, we look at the world around us as through a rainbow, feeling our device keys, scattering its pieces, and gathering it again. We discover the world around us and journey around the globe, looking for information and friends. But first, we learn how to use the technology through beginner to advanced training courses in the computer world. From this window we pass through the gates of electronic outputs and design of blogs and websites.

Drama Section (Self and Other):

A spot in Nowwar Educational Center, with a group of children surrounded by a team spirit, cooperation and self-confidence in order to liberate our energies and launch ourselves into a world of imagination and the discovery of self and other and to build a small society that respects the privacy of others and accepts their differences and encourages pluralistic views. It is a society filled with hope, confidence and self-reliance.

This place makes you live inside yourself and the volatility of your past and your present, shaking yourself of the pain stored in your memory to wake up in the future where you can accept your real life, and yourself living your life with love and intimacy with others. You dream, imagine, living sometimes in the imagination and sometimes in reality. This is the Drama Section.

Theater and Fiction:

To reach the child's mind and soul through open spaces including all the colors of the spectrum, flying in innovative, creative and unique spaces through experience, participation, analysis, and role-playing – this is Nowwar’s Theater and Fiction space. Here we learn to deal with others by reinforcing love of fine arts, which is some sort of expression that drives us to love life and enjoy it and reinforces positive and healthy behavior.

We work together through authoring and acting (puppets and improvisation), in designing the decor, directing and acting; through music and singing, all in the hands of the small playwright.

Indoor and Outdoor Games (Play and Learn):

Playing, joking, expending excess energy, learning new words and ways of communicating, building relationships, interacting with others, knowing our rights and duties, growing in mind and body, to gradually learn to solve problems and grow into ourselves --  this is the corner of Play and Learn.


In this place we read the history of the people, past and present.  Through artwork, performance dancing rooted in our folkloric traditions, we tell the history of our ancestors -- their past and their present, and we  develop our artistic abilities and talents.

Community Activation:

This is Nowwar's window on the surrounding community, the bridge between Nowwar and our community with all its diversity of people, schools and other institutions. We nurture willingness, acceptance and motivation to interact with and give back to our communities, to participate in the process of development and the advancement of society and share in our collective responsibility towards our community generally and our families in particular.

Parents are encouraged to participate, to gather information and gain experience, to mobilize and change community through meetings, workshops and training courses  addressing critical issues in educational, social, cultural and health.

Advocacy and Mobilization:

Between theater and exhibitions, audio-visual dialogues, press conferences, and short films and all of mechanisms designed to address a social, political, health, economic or educational issue, trained children and children practicing to defend their rights through peaceful means, reach officials and decision-makers to achieve the simple portion of their rights.

Active Learning:

Active Learning emerges from the urgent need, looming on our horizon, the need of our children and our parents and their schools for a program of active learning, in which the child is the axis of the learning process. Animators use a wide range of educational approaches, methods and games that create meaningful learning opportunities in an open and supportive environment, far from the traditional atmosphere.

Central Activities:

Each year we gather together for our Cultural Festival, Heritage Festival, the Winter and Summer Camps, Childhood Days, exhibitions of photos and paintings, International Women's Day, the Marathon, and Ramadan activities.