One of the Center's most lively spaces at the Center is the Library, where a collection of educational, recreational books, stories, magazines, videos, and cassettes is available. The Library organizes different activities including: “ Innovators on the Road," cultural programs, TV shows, educational dialogue sessions, and workshops on children’s rights.

The fine arts program offers children technical skills in drawing, textile and paper printing, sculpture, murals, and handicrafts. Public exhibitions and shows are regularly organized to celebrate children’s artistic achievements. Open days for drawing are also organized in the community in collaboration with neighborhood committees, particularly in marginalized areas.

Other regular programs include indoor and outdoor games for children and a range of performing arts activities, like music, theater, Dabkah (traditional Palestinian folk dance), and Palestinian folklore, through which children’s appreciation for Palestinian cultural heritage and individual artistic talents are nurtured.

The fully equipped computer center at the Center gives children the opportunity to gain hands on experience with computers and explore their interests through a wide range of educational and information, communication and technology programs and activities.

The Center also runs a program for the protection of children in conflict, a school support program implemented in collaboration with schools and parents. The program pursues learning through play and active learning by working with children in small groups.

Other regular activities at the Center include: the annual cultural and cultural heritage festivals, the childhood holidays, summer camps, the Conference of Little Sounds, art exhibitions, art festivals, suburb race, different courses and workshops for children and parents, trips, puppets and shadow theater, the My Will is Stronger than My Disability Conference, therapeutic drama, cultural competitions, Ramadan activities, and football, basketball and gymnastics training.